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Technology Committee

About The Tech Committee

The Iron Horse Technology Committee is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the HOA’s technology infrastructure. This includes everything from setting up the HOA’s website to managing the HOA’s security system. The Committee also works with vendors to ensure that the HOA is getting the best possible technology services and does continual research to find ways to improve the community through technology advancements.


The Technology Committee is made up of volunteers from the HOA community. Anyone who is interested in helping to make the HOA’s technology infrastructure better is welcome to join.


The Technology Committee meets on a monthly basis. The meetings are open to all HOA members.


The Technology Committee is responsible for the following:

· Setting up and maintaining the HOA’s website

· Managing the HOA’s security system

· Working with vendors to ensure that the HOA is getting the best possible technology services.

· Other projects have included implementing sensors to monitor the pool and hot tub chemicals real time.

Benefits of Joining the Technology Committee

There are many benefits to joining the Technology Committee. These benefits include:

· The opportunity to learn about technology and how it can be used to improve the HOA’s community

· The opportunity to work with other volunteers to make a difference

· The opportunity to make a positive impact on the HOA’s technology infrastructure

Want to become a member?

Any member of Iron Horse Condominiums can join the Technology Committee. If you are interested in joining the Technology Committee, please contact the HOA President or Vice President.

101 Iron Horse Way
Winter Park, Colorado